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Designing a home in the Whitefish, MT area is now easy with General Construction Group. Because we've got two architects on staff, you don't have to obtain full-scale blueprints from a third party. Plus, we can handle everything virtually if you live out of state.

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What we can discuss during your design consultation

To design a home that meets your needs, our architects will need to know some basic information about you and your household. For example:

  • How many people will be living in your home?
  • Do any members of your household rely on a wheelchair, walker or cane to get around?
  • Do you plan to spend a lot of time working from home, lounging around or entertaining guests?

As part of our architectural design services, we can collaborate back and forth until you're satisfied with your home design. Call 406-270-8789 now to start designing your dream home in the Whitefish, MT area.

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